For Artists


There are still a few cards left – please get in touch with Aimee using the contact page to choose your card. 

The original artwork of your card design can be any size, as long as it maintains the same proportions as a playing card which is 63.5 x 89mm. This is roughly ‘A’ format, so your artwork can be A5, A4, A3 up to A0 and bigger if you would like! It can then be photographed/scanned (by either yourself or the TLC team) and scaled down to fit onto a playing card when printed.


Above: Original artwork in proportion to playing card dimensions.

We will be hosting an art auction parallel to the Deck Of Cards Auction for those artists who would like to take part but do not have the time to design a bespoke card. If you would like to donate an artwork then please do let us know.

Please note – I’ve taken down the password login for artists, if you’ve got any questions then please just holler via the contact page!